2019 Range Rover


To configure the hybrid content display, select the Display and Hybrid content instrument panel menus. See МЕНЮ ЩИТКА ПРИБОРОВ.

Select the required menu option display:

  • Full hybrid display: The power gauge for the hybrid system is displayed, replacing the tachometer gauge.

  • Reduced hybrid display: The tachometer is displayed, replacing the hybrid power gauge.

The power gauge and the tachometer only display in the Two dial or One dial display layout options. If required, select the Display and Display layout instrument panel menus.

The tachometer automatically replaces the power gauge display in the event that:

Some information displays in both of the hybrid display options, as follows:

  • The OFF and READY status.

  • Gear selector status display.

  • The hybrid battery charge gauge.

  • The temperature gauge, if the current engine temperature exceeds normal operating temperatures.

The instrument panel displays the current hybrid battery charge and the total driving distance. The position and format changes for some Display layout instrument panel options.

The instrument panel displays hybrid information and the battery charge status when the vehicle is charged via an external power source. For example, connected to a charging station using the vehicle's charging cable. See ПОДСОЕДИНЕНИЕ КАБЕЛЯ ЗАРЯДКИ.

Hybrid power gauge:

The hybrid power gauge displays information for the operation of the hybrid system.

The following information is displayed:

  1. CHARGE zone: When the vehicle is decelerating during braking or overrun, the electric motor regenerates energy and supplies a charge to the hybrid battery. The charge zone indicates the instantaneous amount of the regenerated energy.

  2. 0% POWER: Indicates when there is no energy being consumed or regenerated.

  3. Power gauge marker: Moves to indicate the current power being delivered by the engine and the electric motor.

  4. ECO zone: Driving in this zone helps to reduce energy consumption.

  5. Engine start marker: Displays when the Electric Vehicle (EV) mode is active and indicates the maximum power output of the electric motor. If the current power demand exceeds the start marker position, the engine is started for temporary use. In this event the EV mode is suspended and the engine start marker illuminates grey. If the EV mode is deselected or cancelled the engine start marker extinguishes.

  6. READY or OFF status: Indicates when the vehicle is ready to be driven.

  7. EV: Illuminates to confirm selection of the EV mode via the centre console button. See РЕЖИМ ЭЛЕКТРОМОБИЛЯ (EV).

    If selected, SAVE replaces EV. See СОХРАНИТЬ.

  8. 100% POWER: Indicates the maximum power output for the engine.

  9. BOOST zone: Indicates when the engine and the electric motor are combined to increase the total power output.

  10. Gear selector status display.

  11. Hybrid battery charge gauge: Indicates the state of charge.