2019 Range Rover



When a fuse box is exposed, take care to protect the box from moisture. Refit the access panel at the earliest opportunity.

  1. To access the loadspace fuse box, open the tailgate. Remove the right-side access panel, by grasping the top of the panel and pulling sharply.


    Hybrid vehicles feature an additional fuse box, located adjacent the loadspace fuse box. The fuses contained within this fuse box should only be examined or replaced by an authorised retailer/repairer.

    When refitting the access panel, make sure that the three securing pegs are aligned with their respective holes, before pushing the panel fully home.

  2. Loadspace fuse box: A label, located in a slot under the fuse box, shows the circuits protected and the fuse locations.

  3. To access the passenger compartment fuse box, open the glovebox. Press the top of the support stay at each end, and lower the glovebox into the footwell. A label on the front of the fuse access panel shows the circuits protected and the fuse locations. Remove the panel to gain access to the fuses. See ОТСЕКИ ДЛЯ ХРАНЕНИЯ.

  4. To access the engine compartment fuse box, remove the under-bonnet cover. See СНЯТИЕ КРЫШЕК В ПОДКАПОТНОМ ПРОСТРАНСТВЕ.

  5. Lift up the edge of the leaf screen panel, just enough to allow removal of the fuse box cover.

  6. Remove the fuse box cover, by releasing the clips on each end. A label on the inside of the cover shows the circuits protected and the fuse locations.

Loadspace fuse box access on vehicles with a deployable loadspace floor:

To access the loadspace fuse box, carry out the following procedure.

Raise the deployable loadspace floor to the open position. See ВЫДВИЖНОЙ ПОЛ БАГАЖНОГО ОТДЕЛЕНИЯ.

Turn the two fixings on the right-side floor rail through 90°, to release from the spring clip. When released, turn through 90° again, back to the horizontal position and remove from the rail. Keep the fixings in a safe place.

Lift the removable rail section and carefully remove the rail from the vehicle.

Lower the deployable loadspace floor.

Move the deployable loadspace floor fully backward. See ВЫДВИЖНОЙ ПОЛ БАГАЖНОГО ОТДЕЛЕНИЯ.


Refer to the fuse box location section of the Owner’s Handbook for the procedure for removing the side trim panel.


When removing or replacing the side trim panel, take care to avoid damaging the panel on the floor rail.

To fit the rail, reverse the removal procedure.

Hold the fixings in the horizontal position and firmly push into the rail section. A click is heard as the spring clip engages.