2019 Range Rover



Clear exit monitor is a passenger aid only. It remains the responsibility of the user to open the door with due care and attention, in a manner which is safe for the vehicle, its occupants, and other road users, to avoid serious injury.


Make sure that the warning icons and indicators on the door handle are not obscured by stickers or other objects. If the icons are not visible, the driver may not notice a warning, which may cause damage to the vehicle.


Do not attach stickers or objects to the rear bumper that may interfere with the radar sensors. Doing so may cause interfere the operation of the sensors.

Clear exit monitor warns of a possible threat after opening any door from the inside. Sensors in the rear bumper monitor nearby traffic and determine if opening a door could pose a threat.

The clear exit monitor system activates only when the door has been unlatched. The icons illuminate as follows:

  1. Illuminates white to indicate that the system is active.

  2. Illuminates amber to warn of a detected threat.

The amber icon illuminates when another vehicle, or moving object, is detected as approaching from behind. The system has calculated that opening the door could endanger the occupant, the vehicle, or other road users. The system does not prevent the door from being opened. The icons extinguish after the door has been closed.

The clear exit monitor system may not be able to detect all approaching traffic in all circumstances. Operation of the system relies on the sensor’s ability to detect threats, which may be affected by road and weather conditions, but also if:

  • Vehicles approach very quickly from behind.

  • The sensors are impaired by mud, rain, frost, ice, snow, damage, accessories, or stickers.

  • The range of the sensors is obscured by objects, such as other vehicles parked wide or close to the vehicle.

Under these circumstances, as well as loss of functionality, reduced warning times may be experienced.

Clear exit monitor is only active below vehicle speeds of 5 km/h (3 mph). The system remains active for 3 minutes after the ignition is switched off.