2019 Range Rover



Do not adjust the touchscreen controls, or allow the system to distract the driver, while the vehicle is moving. Driver distraction can lead to accidents, potentially causing serious injury or death.


Sustained exposure to high sound levels, greater than 85 decibels, can damage hearing.

From the SELECT SOURCE screen, select the media source. See УПРАВЛЕНИЕ УСТРОЙСТВАМИ.

Duplicated icons can be operated on the lower touchscreen when the DAB radio widget is displayed. Further information on the lower touchscreen can be found in the relevant section of the Owner's Handbook. See ОРГАНЫ УПРАВЛЕНИЯ НА НИЖНЕМ СЕНСОРНОМ ЭКРАНЕ.

  1. Rear Media: Touch for rear media options.

  2. Find: Touch to display options for finding a required station.

    DAB STATION LIST: Touch to view a list of available stations. The DAB station list is arranged in alphabetical order. Select the up or down arrows to scroll through the list.

    DAB GENRE: Touch to list available genres. The stations are grouped into categories: Pop Music, Travel, etc.

    SEARCH: Touch to search using the keyboard. Enter the required station name and select OK.

  3. Favourites: Touch to display a single list of AM, FM, and DAB favourite stations. Touch the favourites icon to add or delete the selected station from the favourites list. Touch the station's frequency or name to select that station and play it. To rearrange the order of the list, touch the edit icon¹. Drag and drop selected items to the desired position. Touch OK to confirm.

  4. Band: Touch to view and select a radio band: AM, FM, or DAB. The radio tunes to the last used station on that radio band.

  5. Source: Touch to display all media options.

  6. Favourites icon: Touch to add stations to, or delete from, RADIO FAVOURITES. The icon highlights when the tuned station is set as a favourite.

  7. DAB station display: Displays the current station.

  8. Artist or station image: Touch to view further information. Touch again to close the information display.


    If unavailable, a generic image is displayed.

  9. DAB radio shortcut: Touch to view the DAB RADIO screen.

  10. Seek up:

    Touch, or swipe the touchscreen to the left, to select the next station.

  11. Mute icon: Touch to mute the volume.

  12. Seek down:

    Touch, or swipe the touchscreen to the right, to select the previous station.

  13. Settings icon: Touch to access the SETTINGS pop-up menu. Select DAB settings. Touch to activate or deactivate the following features: Link to FM Stations, Frequency Band, and Announcements. See НАСТРОЙКИ РАДИО DAB.

  14. Station information: Touch to view DAB information.

edit icon¹.


Electronic devices used within, connected to, or within close proximity to the vehicle may affect the performance of this system. For example, radio reception.