2019 Range Rover



Do not adjust the lower touchscreen controls, or allow the terrain response system to distract the driver, while the vehicle is moving. Driver distraction can lead to accidents, potentially causing serious injury or death.


Changing between the terrain response driving programs alters various vehicle settings. For example, the engine's revolution speed (rpm) may alter while at a constant accelerator pedal position. The suspension and steering systems may also feel heavier or lighter. The setting changes are not dramatic but are noticeable.


The comfort driving program is automatically selected each time the ignition is switched on. The previous driving program selection is not retained when the ignition is switched off.

The terrain response system consists of different driving programs that can be selected to suit the current terrain and driving conditions, or the required driving style.

Make sure that the correct driving program is selected for the current driving conditions or the required driving style. The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system operation is automatically adapted to suit the current driving program selection. See СИСТЕМА ДИНАМИЧЕСКОГО КОНТРОЛЯ КУРСОВОЙ УСТОЙЧИВОСТИ (DSC).

Further information on off-road driving, including tips and driving techniques, can be found at: www.landrover.com.

Touch the Vehicle menu soft key at the top of the lower touchscreen to display the Vehicle menu.

The lower touchscreen displays the terrain response driving program options.

Rotate the terrain response selector, located on the centre console, to move through and select the required terrain response driving program. Alternatively, touch the required on-screen icon. The AUTO driving program can only be selected by pressing the rotary control down. See AUTO (Авто).


Manual selection of a terrain response driving program is not possible if the AUTO driving program is currently selected.

The lower touchscreen highlights the icon for the currently selected terrain response driving program and displays a confirmation message. The instrument panel also displays the relevant icon.

Information relating to the suitability of each terrain response driving program for different types of surfaces can be displayed on the touchscreen. Select the Off-Road Information menu from the 4x4i extra feature. See ИНФОРМАЦИЯ О БЕЗДОРОЖЬЕ.