2019 Range Rover


InControl uses smartphone and in-vehicle mobile technology to remotely connect the vehicle to a number of services and convenience features.


Several InControl features require an internet connection. The owner is responsible for providing a data-enabled micro SIM card.

InControl features, such as Protect, Remote Premium, and Secure Tracker, require an InControl account. To register, connect, and activate an InControl account if it has not already been activated, please refer to the My Land Rover InControl website at: https://incontrol.landrover.com. Please follow the on-screen instructions.


An InControl account may have been created by the retailer/authorised repairer for the owner of the vehicle. Alternatively, the owner can create an InControl account. In certain markets, an InControl account can only be created by a retailer/authorised repairer.


The Protect, Remote Premium, Secure Tracker, and Pro Services features are subscription services. The subscription for these features can be extended after the initial term has expired, for further information, please refer to the retailer/authorised repairer.


The owner is responsible for removing the vehicle from the InControl account when ownership of the vehicle is transferred.


For further information, please refer to the InControl section on the Land Rover website at: www.landrover.com/incontrol.

InControl features:
  • Protect:

    Remote Essentials:

    - Vehicle Status.

    - Vehicle Security.

    - Journeys.

    - Assistance.

    - Settings.

    - Wake Up Timer.

    SOS Emergency Call.

    ERA GLONASS test procedure: Only applicable to Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russian Federation, and Tajikistan.

    Optimised Land Rover Assistance.

  • Connect Pro:

    Remote Premium:

    - Beep & Flash.

    - Vehicle Security.

    - Remote Climate.

    - Remote Charging - For PHEV vehicles only.

    - Remote Seats.

    InControl Apps.

    Pro Services.

  • Secure Tracker:

    Stolen Vehicle Tracking.


The availability and functionality of Secure Tracker depends on the market in which the vehicle is used.