2019 Range Rover



Make sure the relevant safety warnings have been read and understood before driving the vehicle. See БЕЗОПАСНОСТЬ КРУИЗ-КОНТРОЛЯ.

  1. SET+.

  2. -.

  3. RESUME.

  4. CANCEL.

  5. LIM.

Cruise control allows the vehicle to automatically maintain a set vehicle speed. Controls mounted on the steering wheel are used to operate the system. The driver can also intervene, at any time, by using the brake or accelerator pedals.


Do not use cruise control when driving off-road.

While driving at the desired speed, press the SET+ button to activate cruise control. The instrument panel displays an information lamp to confirm that the system is operational.

The cruise control icon on the steering wheel controls also illuminates to confirm that the system is operational.

To increase the set speed, press the SET+ button. A single press of the button raises the vehicle's speed by 2 km/h (1 mph). Alternatively, press the accelerator pedal to increase the set speed. When the new desired speed is reached, press the SET+ button.


Cruise control cancels if the accelerator pedal is pressed to override the system for more than 5 minutes.

Press the - button to lower the set speed. A single press of the button lowers the vehicle's speed by 2 km/h (1 mph).

Press the CANCEL button to cancel cruise control. The set speed is retained in the system's memory until the vehicle is switched off.

Press the RESUME button to resume the set speed from the system's memory.


The RESUME button should only be used if the driver is aware of the set speed and intends to return to it. Pressing the RESUME button when not aware of the set speed may lead to a loss of control of the vehicle.