2019 Range Rover



Make sure the relevant safety warnings have been read and understood before driving the vehicle. See БЕЗОПАСНОСТЬ ОГРАНИЧИТЕЛЯ СКОРОСТИ.

Two types of speed limiter are available:

  • Speed limiter.

  • Adaptive speed limiter.

The speed limiter allows the driver to manually restrict the maximum vehicle speed. When a maximum speed limit is set, the vehicle responds normally until the set speed is reached. At this point, the vehicle stops accelerating.

The adaptive speed limiter works in conjunction with the traffic sign recognition system and the navigation system to restrict the maximum vehicle speed. The maximum speed is set based on the information received from both of these systems. If the system cannot determine a valid maximum speed, the last known detected speed limit is used.

To activate the speed limiter, see ОГРАНИЧИТЕЛЬ СКОРОСТИ.

To activate the adaptive speed limiter, see АДАПТИВНЫЙ ОГРАНИЧИТЕЛЬ СКОРОСТИ.

Press and hold the CANCEL button on the steering wheel to switch between the speed limiter and the adaptive speed limiter.


Speed limiters are not available when cruise control or adaptive cruise control is in operation. When the vehicle is first switched on, the vehicle reverts to whichever system was used previously.