2019 Range Rover


The hybrid system uses an internal combustion engine and an electric motor to drive the vehicle. Operation of the electric motor and the engine is controlled to improve the vehicle's performance and fuel economy. The hybrid system is capable of sustained driving using only the electric motor, without producing any exhaust emissions.

The hybrid system automatically determines when it is appropriate to operate the electric motor and the engine based on driver demand and driving conditions.

The electric motor is powered via the hybrid battery. The instrument panel displays the current charge level of the hybrid battery and the remaining driving range.


The electric motor does not operate if there is insufficient charge in the hybrid battery.

The hybrid battery is charged in the following events:

  • Using the vehicle's charging cable to connect to an external charging station. ПОДСОЕДИНЕНИЕ КАБЕЛЯ ЗАРЯДКИ.

  • Regenerative braking: Occurs during light to moderate braking and when the vehicle is decelerating with the engine off. In these events, the electric motor recovers energy and recharges the hybrid battery. Under heavy braking the vehicle's braking system is also used to slow the vehicle. The instrument panel's power gauge displays the regenerated energy.

The energy save function stores energy in the hybrid battery for use at a later time. See СОХРАНИТЬ.