2019 Range Rover



Make sure the relevant safety warnings have been read and understood before driving the vehicle. See БЕЗОПАСНОЕ ИСПОЛЬЗОВАНИЕ АДАПТИВНОГО КРУИЗ-КОНТРОЛЯ.

The amount of braking applied by the adaptive cruise control system is limited. The system sounds an audible warning and the instrument panel displays a message if the system's braking limits are reached. The driver should intervene immediately and apply a higher level of braking force using the brake pedal.

Adaptive cruise control cancels when the brake pedal is pressed, or if the vehicle becomes stationary. Press the RES switch on the steering wheel controls to resume adaptive cruise control operation. See АДАПТИВНЫЙ КРУИЗ-КОНТРОЛЬ.

Pressing the accelerator pedal inhibits adaptive cruise control braking. The follow mode warning lamp extinguishes to confirm the system has been overridden. See РЕЖИМ СОБЛЮДЕНИЯ ДИСТАНЦИИ (ЯНТАРНЫЙ).

Adaptive cruise control operation resumes when the accelerator pedal is released.