2019 Range Rover


Adaptive cruise control:

  • Should only be used when conditions are favourable. For example, on major roads with traffic moving in lanes.

  • Should not be used during abrupt or sharp turns. For example, traffic islands, junctions, areas with many parked vehicles, or areas shared with pedestrians.

  • Performance and operation can be affected by the use of non-recommended tyres. Non-recommended tyres may have a different circumference to those recommended for the vehicle.

  • Performance may be inhibited if accumulations of dirt, snow, or ice build up on the radar sensor or camera. Fitting a protector or metalised badges to the front of the vehicle may also affect adaptive cruise control operation.

The instrument panel displays Driver intervene, followed by Radar sensor blocked, if a sensor's operation becomes affected by an obstruction. Clearing the obstruction from the sensor allows the system to return to normal operation. Operation is resumed automatically once the obstruction is removed.

The instrument panel may also display Radar sensor blocked temporarily if the radar sensors or camera's vision is disrupted for a long period. For example, in poor weather conditions, when travelling through a tunnel, or in complex traffic situations.

The instrument panel may also display Radar sensor blocked when travelling on open roads with few objects for the radar to detect.

Adaptive cruise control does not operate if:

  • Reverse (R) or Park (P) is selected.

  • The speed limiter is in operation.

Adaptive cruise control automatically deactivates, but does not clear its memory, when:

  • The CANCEL button on the steering wheel controls is pressed. See АДАПТИВНЫЙ КРУИЗ-КОНТРОЛЬ.

  • The brake pedal is pressed.

  • The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) requests a cruise control cancellation.

  • The Electric Parking Brake (EPB) is applied.

Adaptive cruise control automatically deactivates, and its memory is cleared, when:

  • All Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) is selected.

  • The vehicle is switched off.

  • A fault occurs in the adaptive cruise control system.