2019 Range Rover



Make sure the relevant safety warnings have been read and understood before driving the vehicle. See БЕЗОПАСНОЕ ИСПОЛЬЗОВАНИЕ АДАПТИВНОГО КРУИЗ-КОНТРОЛЯ.

Steering assist helps the driver keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane in which it is travelling. The system does this by making steering adjustments.

Press the button on the steering wheel (1) to activate steering assist. Press the button a second time to switch the feature off. When active, the instrument panel displays steering assist system status.

  1. Steering assist active.

  2. Tracked lane borders.

If the driver's hands are removed from the steering wheel, the vehicle presents a series of visual and audible warnings. Steering assistance is stopped if the warnings are ignored.

Under normal circumstances, if the driver uses the direction indicators steering assistance stops in the direction indicated.


Steering assist is a driving aid only and not a substitute for driving safely, with due care and attention. Driving without due care and attention greatly increases the risk of an accident.


Steering assist does not steer the vehicle autonomously. The driver must remain in full control of the vehicle at all times. Failure to remain in full control of the vehicle greatly increases the risk of an accident.


Do not use steering assist if a trailer is connected to the vehicle. The trailer may cause the steering assist feature to make incorrect judgements, increasing the risk of an accident.