2017 Range Rover


Low traction launch helps to further enhance low speed maneuvering and pulling away from a standstill in adverse conditions.

Select Low Traction Launch from the 4x4i extra feature on the touch screen. Follow the on-screen instructions. See EXTRA FEATURES.

The operation of low traction launch is further enhanced if the grass/gravel/snow driving program is enabled. See GRASS/GRAVEL/SNOW.

Low traction launch also operates if either the automatic (AUTO) driving program or the general driving program is selected. See GENERAL PROGRAM (SPECIAL PROGRAMS OFF) and TERRAIN RESPONSE OPERATION.

To allow the low traction launch feature to be enabled, make sure that:

  • The vehicle is stationary.

  • The accelerator pedal is not pressed.

  • Either the grass/gravel/snow or the general driving program is enabled.

  • All Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) has not entered in to full function mode, if ATPC is currently enabled. See USING ALL TERRAIN PROGRESS CONTROL (ATPC).

Low traction launch only operates at vehicle speeds below 19 mph (30 km/h).

Low speed maneuvers, and pulling away from a standstill are complete when the vehicle’s speed reaches 19 mph (30 km/h). Low traction launch is automatically disabled.

Low traction launch is also disabled if:

  • ATPC is enabled and subsequently enters in to full function mode.

  • The mud/ruts, rock crawl, or sand driving programs are selected.

  • The accelerator pedal is pressed to its full travel (kickdown).

  • A system fault is detected. In this event, the message center and touch screen display a warning message.