2017 Range Rover



The climate seats only operate when the engine is running.

The climate seats can be controlled via the touch screen or by using the rotary controls.

Climate seat control using the touch screen:

The SEATS screen can be accessed in a number of ways:

Select the required seat position. Press the temperature power icon to switch the selected seat temperature on or off.

To adjust the seat temperature:

  • Touch the red arrow to increase the temperature.

  • Touch the blue arrow to reduce the temperature.

Alternatively, swipe the red and blue scale up or down to the required temperature.

To select the seat zone:

  • Touch the seat zone selection icon.

  • Select the zone: Top, Base, or All.

Seat zone selection is also available by touching the selected seat position on the vehicle graphic.


A seat icon, at the top of the touchscreen, changes color to indicate the status of the seats. Red displays for heated operation and blue for cooled operation.

Climate seat control using the rotary controls:

Press the center of the rotary control to select the climate seat control. Rotate the outer part of the rotary control to adjust the seat temperature. See FRONT CLIMATE CONTROL and REAR CLIMATE CONTROL.