2017 Range Rover



Seat massage only operates when the engine is running.

Seat massage does not operate when the vehicle's interior temperature is below 32°F (0°C) or above 122°F (50°C).

Front seat massage can be controlled through the touch screen.

To access the seat massage controls:

To adjust the seat massage program:

  • Select the required seat position. Press the massage power icon to switch the selected seat massage on or off. See SEAT COMFORT AND ADJUSTMENT.

  • Select the appropriate icon for Wave, Up, Down, Shoulder or Lumbar massage.

  • Touch the + or - icon to vary the intensity of the selected program. Alternatively, swipe the scale up or down to the required massage intensity.

Auto Massage can be set in Seat Settings. See SEAT SETTINGS.

Rear seat massage can be controlled via the buttons in the rear of the vehicle, as follows:

  1. Press to switch the massage function on or off.

  2. Press to select upward and downward wave massage.

  3. Press to select upwards massage.

  4. Press to select downwards massage.


The massage programs have a 10 minute cycle, which need to be reselected for repeated use.