2017 Range Rover


To access the SEATS screen, select the seats icon on the HOME screen. See TOUCHSCREEN HOME MENU.

  1. Temperature control: Touch the up arrow to increase the seat temperature or the down arrow to decrease the seat temperature. See CLIMATE SEATS or HEATED SEATS.

  2. Power icon. Touch to switch the heated or climate seat on or off.

  3. Seat selection: Touch to select the required seat.

  4. Power icon. Touch to switch the seat massage function on or off. See SEAT MASSAGE.

  5. Massage intensity control: Touch to increase or decrease the intensity of the selected massage program.

  6. Massage program control: Touch to select the seat massage program.

  7. Settings icon: Touch to access the SETTINGS pop-up menu and then select Climate Settings.

  8. Seat zone selection icon: Select the required seat zone position for heating and cooling.