2017 Range Rover


Conversation assist uses the vehicle's sound system and the front and rear microphones to enhance the conversation over the vehicle's interior noise.

The conversation assist feature controls are located in the VOLUME SETTINGS screen.

Select All Settings via the SETTINGS pop-up menu. Select Features. Select Volume to access the VOLUME SETTINGS screen and manage the conversation assist feature controls. See SYSTEM SETTINGS.

Conversation assist offers three options:

  1. Off: Touch to switch the system off.

  2. Normal: Touch to select the normal volume level.

  3. High: Touch to select the high volume level.

When active, front passenger voices are reproduced through the rear speakers and rear passengers voices are reproduced through the front speakers. The system is disabled when at a standstill and progressively increases with vehicle speed and background noise.


The system is disabled when at a standstill, during phone calls, or at higher volumes, e.g., when loud music is playing.