2017 Range Rover



The process of pairing and connecting with the vehicle, from the phone, varies depending on the type of phone used.

Pairing and connecting a phone:

  1. Switch the ignition on and make sure that the touch screen is active.

  2. When pairing a device for the first time, select Tap to connect phone from the HOME screen. The vehicle's Bluetooth® wireless technology device is discoverable. See TOUCHSCREEN HOME MENU.

  3. Using the phone, search for Bluetooth® devices. On some phones, this is referred to as a new paired device. See the phone's operating instructions for further information. The vehicle's discoverable Bluetooth® name is the same as the vehicle's name.

  4. When the vehicle's name is discovered, follow the on-screen instructions. Select Yes, when prompted, to confirm the pairing.

    Alternatively, some older phones request a PIN to be entered. Either enter the PIN 1234, or select Yes, to confirm that the PIN displayed on the phone matches the vehicle's PIN.

  5. If there is a prompt for a Phonebook or Contacts download, accept it. See CONTACTS.


    Wait 10 seconds after pairing is complete. When prompted to accept a Phonebook or Contacts download on to the phone device, accept it. Select the Remember this setting option when downloaded.

  6. Once the phone is paired and connected to the system, select the return icon or the PHONE screen. See TOUCHSCREEN HOME MENU.


    Some phones require the Bluetooth® device pairing to be set as authorized or trusted in order to automatically connect. Refer to the phone's operating instructions for further information.

To select the paired phone's settings, select the Settings icon from the PHONE screen. Select Phone Settings from the SETTINGS pop-up menu. A list of all paired phones is displayed. Touch the paired phone's name.

Paired phones have the option to be used as a phone, a media device, or both. Device types can be selected via the SETTINGS pop-up menu. Select All Settings, Features, Bluetooth and then the Paired Devices list to manage any devices.