2017 Range Rover



Make sure the tail pipe is cool before polishing the tail pipe finishers. Failure to do so may result in personal injury.


Following cleaning of the vehicle's exterior particularly with a pressure washer, it is recommended that the vehicle is taken for a short drive to dry out the brakes. Wet brakes may impair the vehicle's ability to safely slow down which may result in damage to the vehicle.


To prevent damage to your vehicle when using a detailing service, make sure to advise them of the cleaning instructions contained within the Owner's Handbook.


Some high pressure cleaning systems are sufficiently powerful enough to penetrate suspension joints, door or window seals, and damage trim and door locks. Never aim the water jet directly at any cameras, the engine air intake, heater air intakes, body seals (doors, sunroof, windows, etc.) or at any components which may be damaged (lights, mirrors, exterior trim, suspension seals and gaiters, etc.). Make sure that the pressure washer nozzle is always at a distance of more than 12 inches (300 mm ) from any component of the vehicle.


Do not use a power wash system in the engine bay area, as it may cause damage.


Make sure that you read and comply with all warnings and product instructions supplied with any cleaning products. Using unapproved cleaning products may damage the vehicle.


Never use cleaning products that are not approved for use on vehicles. Using unapproved cleaning products may damage the vehicle.


Substances which are corrosive, such as bird droppings, can damage the vehicle’s paintwork and should be removed as soon as possible. Remove any such substances immediately.


When lifting the wiper blades for cleaning, use the winter park position to avoid damage to the vehicle.

After washing the vehicle, it is recommended to use a suitable metal polish on stainless steel or chrome finishers to restore the surface appearance.

Make sure that the panoramic roof channels are kept clean to allow continued smooth operation of the mechanism.

Satin matte paint:

The vehicle manufacturer recommends the use of specialized satin paint products when cleaning the vehicle’s exterior. Any other cleaning or paint protection product may have an adverse effect on the paint finish.


Never polish vehicles that have a satin matte paint finish. Polishing causes the finish to shine and may reduce the matte effect.


Do not use an automated car wash. Using unapproved cleaning equipment can cause damage to the vehicle's exterior.


Do not affix stickers, films, magnetic plates, or similar items to the vehicle’s exterior. Removing such objects can cause damage to the vehicle's paint work.

Additional care is required when cleaning the exterior of vehicles with a satin matte paint finish. It is recommended to wash the vehicle by hand, using a soft sponge, making sure not to apply high pressure to the paint surface. Avoid washing the vehicle in direct sunlight.

Remove any of the following substances immediately, where possible:

  • Insect remains.

  • Bird droppings.

  • Fingerprints.

  • Tree resin.

  • Oils, grease, and fuels.

  • Wax.

  • Tar spots.