2017 Range Rover



Check the engine oil weekly. If any significant or sudden drop in the oil level is noted, seek qualified assistance.


Never allow the engine oil level to fall below the lower mark on the oil level indicator.


If the instrument panel displays the message ENGINE OIL PRESSURE LOW, stop the vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so. Allowing the engine to continue running with low oil pressure may cause the engine to seize. Seek qualified assistance immediately. Do not start the engine until the cause has been rectified.

Check the engine oil level frequently. Top up, as required, using the correct grade for the engine.

The engine features an electronic monitoring system. The engine oil level is not monitored when the engine is running, or when the vehicle is in motion.

Before checking the engine oil level, make sure that:

  • The vehicle is stationary and the Electric Parking Brake (EPB) is applied.

  • The vehicle is on level ground.

  • The engine oil has reached its normal working temperature (oil is hot).

  • The engine has been switched off for 10 minutes. The system does not give an accurate reading until the oil level has stabilized.

The oil level can then be checked as follows:

  1. Switch on the vehicle's ignition. Do not start the engine. See SWITCHING ON THE IGNITION.

  2. Select Oil Level from the Vehicle Info instrument panel menu. See INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU.

The instrument panel displays the engine oil level indicator.

The indicator displays an indication of the oil level. Messages to the right of the indicator advise of any action to be taken.

Message Action
OK No action required.
Overfilled Seek qualified assistance immediately. Do not drive the vehicle as this will cause serious damage to the engine.
Low Add 1.6 U.S. quarts (1.5 liters) of oil. Recheck the level.
Critically Low Seek qualified assistance immediately.
Add XX Quarts Add the advised quantity of oil to the engine. Recheck the level.
Not Available The oil level is stabilizing. Switch off the ignition. Wait 10 minutes, then recheck the oil level display.
ENGINE OIL LEVEL MONITOR SYSTEM FAULT Seek qualified assistance immediately.