2017 Range Rover



Avoid running out of fuel. Doing so can cause damage to the vehicle's engine, fuel and emission control systems.

If the vehicle does run out of fuel, a minimum of 1.1 US gallons (4 L) is required to restart the engine. See FUEL FILLER FLAP.

The vehicle should be left with the ignition switched on for 5 minutes after refueling, before attempting to restart the engine. The vehicle needs to be driven 1 to 3 miles (1.6 to 5 km), in order to reset the engine management and monitoring systems.

Vehicles with a diesel engine are supplied with an active misfueling device, e.g., a visible metal flap in the filler neck. These vehicles require the use of the emergency funnel supplied with the vehicle to refill the fuel tank with a fuel can. Insert the funnel into the filler neck, fully and squarely, to open the active misfueling device. See ACTIVE DIESEL MISFUELING PROTECTION DEVICE.


If the vehicle does run out of fuel, seeking qualified assistance is advisable.