2017 Range Rover



Auto access height operation is more efficient and smooth with the Electric Parking Brake (EPB) applied and the brake pedal completely released.

Auto access height automatically lowers the electronic air suspension to the access height setting when the vehicle is parked. See ACCESS HEIGHT.

Auto access height is enabled or disabled via the Vehicle Settings instrument panel menu. See INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU.

The following conditions apply, before auto access height operates:

  • The suspension height has to be set at the normal height setting.

  • The transfer case has to be engaged in high range. See SELECTING HIGH AND LOW RANGE.

  • Select one of the following terrain response driving programs:

    Automatic .

    General .

    Grass/gravel/snow .


Auto access height initially lowers the suspension height up to 0.9 in. (20 mm) below the normal height setting, after any of the following events:

  • The vehicle is stationary and any of the occupied seat belts are unbuckled.

  • The ignition is switched off.

If a door is opened, after the initial suspension lowering, auto access lowers the suspension to 2 in (50 mm) below the normal height setting.


If a door is not subsequently opened and the vehicle’s speed exceeds 25 mph (40 km/h), the suspension height returns to the normal height setting.

Auto access height lowers the suspension height to 1.6 in. (40 mm) below the normal height setting, if a door is opened before any of the following events:

  • An occupied seat belt is unbuckled.

  • The ignition is switched off.

The electronic air suspension system's down button can subsequently be pressed to lower the vehicle to the full access height setting. The full access height setting is 2 in (50 mm) below the normal height setting.

Auto access height can be activated until 90 seconds after the vehicle becomes stationary.

Auto access height only operates once for each time the vehicle is stationary. If further operations are required while at the same location, use the instrument panel menus to disable and enable auto access again. Alternatively drive the vehicle at a speed above 4.4 mph (7 km/h) for 3 seconds, or at a speed in excess of 9.3 mph (15 km/h).


The once only operation also applies if the vehicle has been stationary for more than 90 seconds without activating auto access height.

Auto access height does not operate in the following conditions:

  • The suspension has entered into extended mode. See EXTENDED MODE.

  • The vehicle is parked on excessive inclines and declines, or on a very uneven surface.

  • If there are insufficient air reserves in the electronic air suspension system. In this event, an temporarily unavailable message displays in the message center, when a door is next opened.