2017 Range Rover



Do not drive, or carry passengers with the head restraints removed from an occupied seat. The absence of a correctly adjusted head restraint increases the risk of neck injury in the event of a collision.


Always store a removed head restraint securely. In the event of an accident, an unsecured object could cause serious injury or death.


Manual head restraints may be removed, if required. See CHILD SEATS.

To remove a head restraint:

  1. Raise the head restraint to its uppermost position and press the locking collar.

  2. Lift the restraint out of the seatback.

Make sure the head restraint is refitted before the seat is used by a passenger. To refit a head restraint:

  1. Make sure the restraint is facing the correct direction.

  2. Insert the stems of the head restraint into the sockets on the seatback.

  3. Push the restraint downward until at least the first click.