2017 Range Rover


Lift the loadspace floor panel. Secure the loadspace panel in the upright position using the strap.


Tool types and positions may vary from the illustration.


Note the fitted position of tool kit before removal.

  1. Loadspace floor panel.

  2. Jack and tools. Located under the spare wheel. See REMOVING THE SPARE WHEEL.

  3. Spare wheel's lift assist tool.

  4. Locking wheel nut adaptor.

  5. Jack handle.

  6. Wrench tool.

  7. Jack strap.


Take careful note of the storage position for each tool, as it is important to return the tools to the correct position after use.

Vehicle's with a tire repair system:
  1. Loadspace floor panel.

  2. Compressor.

  3. Sealant bottle.

  4. Locking wheel nut adaptor.

Vehicle's with a deployable loadspace floor:

To access the tool kit on vehicles fitted with a deployable loadspace floor.

Pull on the handle and slide the loadspace floor outward slightly.

Lift the leading edge of the loadspace floor and support with the strut.