2017 Range Rover


The vehicle should be recovered with all four wheels clear of the ground, i.e., on a trailer. However, if the vehicle cannot be recovered by using the correct method, in an emergency, the vehicle can be towed on all four wheels for a short distance. Please adhere to the following guidelines.


The recovery agent MUST activate the Emergency park release before towing commences. This procedure is covered in a separate publication for service personnel.


If transmission Neutral (N) is selected and the engine is then switched off, the transmission will automatically select Park (P) after 10 minutes has elapsed . At this point, if the Emergency park release has not been activated and the vehicle is being towed, serious damage to the transmission will result. There is also a danger to personal safety.


If the engine cannot be used during towing, there will be no power assistance to the braking or steering systems. This will result in much greater effort to steer and stop the vehicle and in a greatly increased stopping distance.


Only tow the vehicle in a forward direction with all four wheels on the ground. Towing in a reverse direction or with only two wheels on the ground, can cause serious damage to the transmission.


Do not tow the vehicle for more than 30 miles (50 km). Do not exceed 30 mph (50 km/h). Towing for a greater distance, or at a higher speed, may result in serious damage to the transmission.


Do not tow the vehicle if the transmission cannot be set in Neutral (N), or if the rear electronic differential has failed in the locked position. Doing so can cause serious damage to the transmission.

The following procedure must be carried out carefully to prevent damage to the vehicle:

  1. Secure the towing attachment from the recovery vehicle to the front towing eye. See FRONT TOWING EYE.

  2. With the Electric Parking Brake (EPB) applied, switch on the ignition.

  3. Apply the brake pedal and rotate the selector to Neutral (N).

  4. Activate the Emergency park release.

  5. Switch off the ignition and leave the Smart key in a secure place inside the vehicle.

  6. The ignition may be switched on to allow operation of the turn signals, brake lamps, etc.

  7. Release the EPB before towing the vehicle.


Leaving the ignition switched on for extended periods will drain the vehicle's battery.