2017 Range Rover


The front and rear passenger seats can be controlled by the driver's seat adjustment controls. To select the remote seat controls screen, touch the seat adjust icon to toggle between the SEAT COMFORT and SEAT ADJUST screens. See SEAT COMFORT AND ADJUSTMENT.

  1. Driver's seat adjustment controls.

  2. Select the front or rear seat position to be adjusted. Once selected, the driver can adjust the seat using the seat adjustment controls on the side of the driver's seat.

  3. Reset Rear Seats: Touch to enable the memory function. Use button 3 on the driver's side to reset the rear seats to the home position. See SEAT POSITION MEMORY.

  4. Touch the seat comfort icon to toggle between the SEAT ADJUST and SEAT COMFORT screens.

  5. Select Seat Settings via the SETTINGS pop-up menu. See SEAT SETTINGS.