2017 Range Rover



To avoid personal injury when requesting a seat to move, make sure that no one has any body parts in the sweep of the seat.


To avoid vehicle damage when requesting a seat to move, make sure that there is no object or obstruction in the sweep of the seat.

Intelligent seat cargo mode is used in vehicles with powered front and rear seats. Intelligent seat cargo mode allows the user to fold and unfold the rear seats, avoiding a clash with the front seats.

The front seats move slightly forward if there is a likelihood of a clash when folding or unfolding the rear seats. When the fold maneuver is complete, the front seats return to their original position, or as close as possible if a clash condition still exists.

After the rear seats begin to fold, they may stop moving to allow the front seats to move to a safe position. Should this occur, keep the buttons pressed or the front seat movement will stop. As soon as the front seats are clear, the rear seats will resume the fold maneuver.

The front seats only move if the vehicle is stationary.

The driver's seat only moves if the transmission is in Park (P).

Front seat movement can be canceled at any time, by pressing any of the front seat switches.