2017 Range Rover



Do not adjust the media device, or allow the device to distract the driver while the vehicle is moving. Driver distraction can lead to accidents, potentially causing serious injury or death.

Make sure that any media devices are stored securely while the vehicle is in motion. Any loose objects are potential hazards during sudden maneuvers, emergency braking situations or accidents.


Read the manufacturer's instructions for any device, before it is connected to the media system. Make sure that the device is suitable, and comply with any instructions regarding connection and operation. Failure to do so may result in damage to the vehicle’s media system or the media device.

Connect the device into the appropriate socket:

  1. Front HDMI/MHL socket.

  2. Front USB sockets.

  3. Rear media HDMI socket.

  4. Rear media USB sockets.

  5. Rear media HDMI/MHL socket.

Front sockets are located in the center console’s cubby box. Rear media sockets are located at the rear of the center console.


Use the cable supplied with your media device to connect to the USB socket.


High quality cables are recommended to be used with Apple devices as this enhances the operation.


A USB socket cannot be used to connect more than one USB device to the media system.


Devices connected to the USB ports are charged. Devices that are fully discharged do not play. Higher-rated devices that require more than 7.5W to charge may not display an indicator when charging. The devices still charge without the indicator being displayed.


HDMI devices are not charged.


Apple devices should be updated to the latest iOS version, otherwise, full support cannot be guaranteed.


Voice command is only available for newer Apple devices, i.e., devices that are connected to the system via a lightning connector.


Voice command will not operate devices connected to the system via Bluetooth® wireless technology devices.


Options, such as Repeat and Shuffle, relate to the device currently playing. These options do not apply to any subsequent device. Previous Repeat and Shuffle selections are deactivated when a new queue has been created.


The available sockets vary, according to vehicle specification.

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