2017 Range Rover


The instrument panel conveys information to the driver.

  1. Speedometer.

  2. Clock.

  3. Message center and menu.


    A number of different displays are available in this area of the instrument panel. See INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU.

  4. External temperature.

  5. Tachometer.

  6. Temperature gauge: If the temperature gauge pointer moves into the red section at the top of the scale, the engine is overheating. Stop the vehicle as soon as safety permits and allow the engine to idle until the temperature reduces. If the temperature does not reduce after several minutes, switch off the engine and allow it to cool. If the problem persists, seek qualified assistance immediately.


    Serious engine damage can occur if the vehicle is driven while the engine is overheating.


    If engine overheating occurs, there may be a noticeable reduction in engine power and the Air Conditioning (A/C) may cease operation. Reducing load on the engine is a normal operating strategy, and assists with engine cooling.

  7. Gear selector position display.

  8. Total distance (odometer) and trip recorder.

  9. Fuel gauge. See LOW FUEL WARNING (AMBER).


    Never allow the engine to run out of fuel, or damage to the engine may occur.