2017 Range Rover



Before activating the seat memory, make sure that the area immediately surrounding the seat is clear of obstructions. All occupants should be clear of moving parts to avoid personal injury.

When a preferred driving, door mirror and steering wheel position has been reached, the settings can be stored for future use. See ADJUSTING THE STEERING WHEEL and DOOR MIRRORS.

  1. Press the memory store (M) button to activate the memory function.

  2. Press one of the preset buttons within 5 seconds to store the current settings. The message MEMORY (1, 2 or 3)SETTINGS SAVED displays in the instrument panel, and a chime sounds to confirm that the settings have been stored.


    A driving position only stores during the 5 second active period.


    Any existing settings are over-written when storing a new memory position.

  3. Press the relevant preset button to recall a stored position. The message MEMORY (1, 2 or 3) RECALLED displays in the instrument panel to confirm that the settings have been recalled.


The memory function for all passenger seats does not trigger any messages in the instrument panel.