2017 Range Rover



While a door is open, the locking latch is exposed. If the latch has the soft-close feature, do not attempt to manually close the latch. It may automatically soft-close and trap items or body parts.

  1. Lock button: Press to lock. With all of the doors closed, press a lock button to lock all of the doors.

  2. Unlock button: Press to unlock. Press an unlock button to unlock all of the doors and the tailgate. Alternatively, pull either front door handle (3) once to unlock all of the doors.

  3. Door handle: Pull to unlock and open a front door. To unlock a rear door, pull the individual door handle.


    If the vehicle is locked with the smart key, operating an interior door handle unlocks only that door. If the door is opened, the alarm sounds.


    The rear door child safety locks inhibit the rear door lock and unlock buttons and the interior door handles. See CHILD SAFETY LOCKS.