2017 Range Rover



When exiting the vehicle, always make sure of the following: Park (P) gear is selected. The engine is switched off. The Electric Parking Brake (EPB) is applied. The smart key is removed from the vehicle. This is to protect the safety of those inside and outside the vehicle.


No modifications or additions should be made to the security system. Such changes could cause the system to malfunction.

Press the lock button on the smart key, briefly, to lock the vehicle and arm the perimeter (exterior) alarm. The hazard warning lights flash to confirm.

Single locking secures the vehicle and prevents the doors from being opened from the outside. The doors may still be unlocked and opened from inside the vehicle.

Once armed, the alarm activates if:

  • The hood, tailgate or a door is opened.

  • The engine START/STOP button is pressed without a valid smart key present.

  • The vehicle's battery is disconnected.

  • An attempt is made to disconnect the alarm's siren.

  • An attempt is made to disconnect the battery back-up sounder.