2017 Range Rover Evoque



Do not adjust the touchscreen controls while the vehicle is moving. Driver distraction can potentially lead to accidents, causing serious injury or death.

Select the 4x4i extra feature to access 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) information and guidance features for off-road driving. See EXTRA FEATURES.


The number of 4x4i features is dependent on the specification of the vehicle.

Touch the Off-Road Information soft key from the 4x4i menu screen.

The touchscreen displays the following information:

  1. A graphic displaying information for the vehicle’s wheels, transmission, and driveline:

    The current automatic transmission gear selection.

    The status of the active driveline system, i.e., the automatic switching between 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) and 2 Wheel Drive (2WD).

    The displayed front wheels on the graphic move to indicate the current steering angle.

    Highlighted icons indicate other vehicle features that are currently enabled. For example, Hill Descent Control (HDC), and the on or off status for Dynamic Stability Control (DSC).


    The number of available icons is dependent on the specification of the vehicle.

    The differential lock symbols display increments to indicate the current status of the locking torque applied to the vehicle's driveline.

  2. Information icon: Touch to display information and guidance for the currently selected terrain response driving program.


    Make sure that the vehicle is stationary, with the ignition switched on.