2017 Range Rover Evoque


In the event of an emergency, select Emergency on the NAV MENU screen. See MAIN MENU.

The following emergency options can be selected:

  • Hospital: Search and route to a hospital close to the vehicle's current location.

  • Police: Search and route to a police station close to the vehicle's current location.

  • Location: Select to show details of the vehicle's current location.

  • Save: Select to save the vehicle's location as a favorite.

To search for any of the emergency services listed:

  1. Select the emergency service required.

  2. Use one of the following categories to find the emergency service:



  3. Select the required emergency service from the list. Touch Yes to confirm the destination.

  4. If guidance for a set destination is already active, the system asks you to select one of the following:

    Cancel previous route.

    Add as first destination.

    Add as last destination.