2017 Range Rover Evoque


To access the NAVIGATION screen, press the navigation button or touch the Navigation area on the touch screen HOME screen. See TOUCHSCREEN CONTROLS.

  1. Navigation menu icon: Touch to select the NAV MENU. See MAIN MENU.

  2. Route menu icon: Touch to select the ROUTE menu.

  3. Destination icon: Touch to set a selected destination.

  4. Information icon: Touch to show information for a Point Of Interest (POI), or for traffic information.

  5. Zoom out icon: Touch to zoom out.

  6. Zoom scale: Drag the indicator along the scale to zoom in or out, or touch the line at the required position.

  7. Zoom in icon: Touch to zoom in.

  8. ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) and remaining distance to the destination: Touch to change to the remaining time to destination.

  9. Next maneuver icon: Next maneuver and the distance to the next maneuver. Touch to hear voice guidance for the next maneuver.

  10. Settings icon: Touch to select the SETTINGS pop-up menu, followed by Navigation, to view the NAVIGATION SETTINGS screen. See SETTINGS.

  11. Current vehicle position and direction.

  12. Route indicator.