2017 Range Rover Evoque



Always follow the child seat or restraint system manufacturer’s instructions when fitting tether straps.


Always pass the tether strap over the top of the seatback and underneath the head restraint when fitting a child seat or restraint.


If a child seat or restraint system is to be fitted to the center rear seat, the center armrest must be moved to the stored position, in the seat backrest.


If removing a head restraint in order to fit a child restraint, always secure the head restraint when storing it.


Always store a removed head restraint securely. In the event of an accident, an unsecured object could cause serious injury or death.


Always refit a removed head restraint after the child restraint is removed. The head restraint must be positioned correctly to restrain rearward movement of the head in a collision. An incorrectly adjusted head restraint increases the risk of death or serious injury in the event of a collision.

Tether strap anchor points are located behind the rear seats. The anchor points should be used to attach tether straps from a child seat or restraint system.

To fit a tether strap:

  1. Fit the child restraint securely in the rear seat.

  2. Raise the head restraint.

  3. Pass the tether strap over the seatback and beneath the head restraint.

  4. Attach the tether strap hook to the anchor point. Make sure the hook is facing towards the back of the seat.

  5. Tighten the tether strap according to the manufacturer's instructions.