2017 Range Rover Evoque


Item Variant Capacity pints (liters)
Fuel tank All vehicles 18.1 gallons (68.5)
Engine oil refill and filter change All vehicles 5.7 US QT (5.4)
Washer reservoir With headlight power wash 8.7 (4.1)
Without headlight power wash 6.8 (3.2)
Cooling system (refill) All vehicles 9.3 (4.4)
Air conditioning refrigerant All vehicles 1.4 lb (650 g)
Air conditioning compressor oil All vehicles 3.7 oz (110 ml)

The quoted capacities are approximate and are provided only as a guide. All oil levels must be checked using the dipstick, level marks, level plugs or the message center in the Instrument panel, as applicable. If in doubt, contact a retailer/authorized Repairer.