2017 Range Rover Evoque



Always make sure that objects carried in the vehicle are secured properly. Unsecured items can cause death or serious injury in the event of an impact or sudden manoeuvre.


Never allow passengers to travel in the loadspace. In a collision, people travelling in these areas are more likely to be seriously injured or killed. Do not allow anyone to travel in any area of the vehicle that is not equipped for passengers. Be sure everyone in the vehicle is in a seat and using their seat belt properly.


In a collision or sudden stop, unsecured objects could be thrown inside the vehicle striking and injuring occupants. Always properly store and secure luggage and other objects in the vehicle. All items carried in the vehicle should be properly secured.


Always check that the locking mechanism is fully engaged after raising the seatback. If the seatbacks are not fully locked in place, red markers are visible around the seatback levers.


When raising the rear seats, make sure that the seat belts are correctly routed and not trapped behind the seats.


To avoid injury, make sure that the head restraints are raised to the correct position before the seats are used by a passenger.


Take care when retrieving items that have fallen down the side, back, front or underneath the seat. Sharp objects may be present in these areas, which could present a risk of injury. Always stop the vehicle before retrieving items.

To accommodate loads, and still retain seating for passengers, the rear seats of the 5 door vehicles can be folded completely or partially at a 60/40 split.

To fold part or all of the seat:

  1. Press the button on the adjusting collar, and fully lower the head restraints.

  2. Press a seatback release button, and fold the appropriate seatback fully forward.

Raising a folded seat is the reversal of the folding process.

When the seatback is fully raised and locked into position, the release locking button raises up.

Coupe rear seat folding:

If a seat fold is required, the narrower seatback must be folded first.

Raising the coupe folded seats is the reversal of the folding process. Make sure the release or locking button relocates into the correct position.