2017 Range Rover Evoque



If the lighting has just been switched off, give the bulbs time to cool. Handling them when hot may cause personal injury.


Always replace bulbs with the correct type and specification. If in any doubt, contact a retailer/authorized repairer for advice.


Before attempting to replace a bulb, make sure both the affected light and the vehicle’s ignition are switched off. If the circuit remains live, a short circuit can occur which may damage the vehicle’s electrical system.

Bulb specification:

Not all bulbs are replaceable. The following bulbs can be replaced:

Light Specification Power (Watts)
Halogen headlight - dipped and high beam. HB3 60
Halogen headlight - front turn signals. PSY24WSV+ 24
Xenon headlight - front turn signals. PSY24WSV+ 24
Reverse lights. W16W 16
Rear fog lights. PS19W 19

All other exterior lights and some interior lights are either LED or xenon and can only be replaced by a retailer/authorized repairer.

All replacement procedures require the removal of components to gain access to the bulbs.


Moving a headlight unit should be undertaken only by a qualified technician. If in doubt, consult a retailer/authorized repairer.


To change any bulb in a headlight unit, a cross head screwdriver and a 10 mm spanner or wrench is required.