2017 Range Rover Evoque


The vehicle is fitted with various items of emission and evaporative control equipment, designed to meet specific territorial requirements. You should be aware that unauthorized replacement, modification or tampering with this equipment by an owner or repair shop, may be unlawful and subject to legal penalties.

In addition, engine settings must not be tampered with. These have been established to make sure the vehicle complies with stringent exhaust emission regulations. Incorrect engine settings may adversely affect exhaust emissions, engine performance and fuel consumption. They may also cause high temperatures, which will result in damage to the catalytic converter and the vehicle.


Exhaust fumes contain poisonous substances which can cause unconsciousness and may even be fatal.

  • Do not inhale exhaust gases.

  • Do not start or leave the engine running in an enclosed unventilated area.

  • Do not drive the vehicle with the tailgate open.

  • Do not modify the exhaust system.

  • Exhaust leaks should be repaired immediately.

  • If exhaust fumes are thought to be entering the vehicle, have it investigated immediately.


Running out of fuel can result in a misfire. This can cause damage to the emission control system.