2020 Defender



Make sure the relevant safety warnings have been read and understood before operating the navigation system. See NAVIGATION SAFETY.

When a route has been selected, depending on the navigation settings, the touchscreen displays a turn by turn guidance map.


The information panel can be edited to display other options. See NAVIGATION SETTINGS.

  1. Speed limit warning icon: Notifies the driver of the road speed limits.


    Speed limit warnings displayed on the navigation screen may be different to the traffic sign warning speed limits displayed on the instrument panel.

  2. Traffic information bar: Displays traffic information during route guidance.


    The traffic information bar does not display on the map if the vehicle is not connected to the internet.

  3. The current vehicle position and direction.

  4. Guidance settings soft key: Touch to edit the following route guidance settings:


    Route summary

    Turn By Turn settings

    Cancel route.

  5. Recalculate soft key: Touch to recalculate route.

  6. Information bar: Displays information including the remaining route distance and the Expected Time of Arrival (ETA).

  7. Lane assistance.

  8. Manoeuvres overview: Touch to display a list of next manoeuvres for selected route guidance.

  9. Displays the upcoming manoeuvre instruction.