2020 Defender


Depending on the part of the phone system in use, the following icons display on the touchscreen:

Call icon: Touch to send or accept a call.

End call icon: Touch to end or reject a call.

Hold call icon: Touch to hold a call. Touch again to return to the call.

Add call icon: Touch to make a second phone call.

Swap call icon: Touch to swap between connected calls.

Merge call icon: Touch to merge two connected calls into a conference call.

Handset icon: Touch to switch the call to the phone handset.

Message icon: Touch to send or read a message.

Mute icon: Touch to mute the microphone and initiate privacy mode. While selected, the caller cannot hear the conversation.

Phone signal strength indicator.

Phone battery level indicator.

Swap phone icon: Touch to swap the phone.

Search contacts icon: Touch to search for contacts.

Recent icon: Touch to view a list of recent calls.

Voicemail icon: Touch for direct call to received voicemails.