2020 Defender


The 4X4i INFO screen displays the following information:

  1. Vehicle pitch.

  2. Active off-road driving systems.

  3. Vehicle roll.

  4. Bearing.

  5. Camera icons.

  6. Wheel spin status.

  7. Differential lock status.

  8. Suspension movement.

  9. Altitude.

Vehicle pitch and roll:

The touchscreen displays a warning message if the vehicle’s limits are being reached or exceeded.


Do not exceed the vehicle’s limits and capabilities. Vehicle damage, serious injury, or death may result.


Touch the camera icon to display the off-road camera system on the touchscreen. See OFF-ROAD CAMERA VIEWS.


The parking aid sensors are disabled if Reverse (R) is selected.

Wheel spin status:

The wheel spin arrows change colour according to the amount of traction being lost:

  • A yellow arrow indicates a low level of wheel spin.

  • An orange arrow indicates a medium level of wheel spin.

  • A red arrow indicates a high level of wheel spin.

Differential lock status:

The differential lock and unlock icons indicate if a differential is locked or unlocked. A status bar around the icon indicates the amount of lock being applied.

Suspension movement:

The suspension movement icons change colour incrementally to represent suspension articulation. The associated wheel changes colour when the suspension reaches its travel limit. See ELECTRONIC AIR SUSPENSION OVERVIEW.