2020 Defender


Your vehicle is guaranteed for replacement with a new vehicle or refund in the event of certain structure or system defects or repeated defects as detailed in the written contract provided to the vehicle owner.

Notice To Customer On Manufacturing Defect :

If your vehicle is considered to have manufacturing defect(s) which may cause a traffic accident due to frequent malfunctioning etc. please contact the manufacturer or Korea Automobile Testing and Research Institute (KATRI) affiliated to Korea Transportation Safety Authority (TS) for the safety of yourself and other road users.

Any customer claim filed with KATRI will be reviewed, and if it is understood that there is a possibility of manufacturing defect(s), KATRI will execute defect investigation which may result in ordering the manufacturer to recall vehicles involved.

Please contact KATRI to file your claim at: Tel: 080-357-2500 Website: www.car.go.kr.