2020 Defender


Routine services must be carried out throughout the life of the vehicle.

The flexible service on your vehicle takes into account individual driving styles and conditions to determine when and what type of service is due.

The vehicle is fitted with a service interval indicator in the instrument panel. When a service is due, and when the ignition is switched on, the relevant service message and estimated distance or time to the next service is displayed. On completion of a service, the instrument panel countdown feature is reset.

The servicing schedules for arduous operating conditions are not displayed in the instrument panel. Refer to a retailer/authorised repairer for details.

Information on the next required service can be displayed via the Touchscreen:

  • Select Vehicle from the touchscreen system settings. See SYSTEM SETTINGS.

  • Select My Vehicle.

  • Select Service.

Dependent on the vehicle's specification, different service info and messages are available as part of the flexible servicing strategy. Other fluid intervals and capacities may also be displayed.

The required service interval displays as a distance or time left until the next service is due.

Refer to a retailer/authorised repairer for details.