2020 Defender


To make sure that the vehicle remains in first class order, visits to a retailer/authorised repairer are required for routine servicing.

To help smooth this process:

  • Arrange an appointment, unless it is an emergency. Give details of the vehicle and the nature of the work required. Where available, the retailer reviews the Online Service History (OSH) to determine the service required.

After arriving at the servicing premises:

  • Give your name and address, and a phone number where you can be contacted during the day. Contact details are important if queries arise or additional work is found to be necessary.

  • Explain, as fully as possible, the details of the service or repair required.

For information, it is also important to:

  • Enquire whether the service or repair is chargeable and, if so, ask for details of any costs and confirm the preferred method of payment.

  • Establish when the vehicle will be ready for collection. Alternatively, arrange a time and place for it to be delivered.


Make sure that the retailer provides a copy of the latest OSH printout when the vehicle is returned. For markets where an OSH is unavailable, make sure the appropriate pages of the Service Record are correctly completed.