2020 Defender



Do not adjust the touchscreen controls, or allow the system to distract the driver, while the vehicle is moving. Driver distraction can lead to accidents, potentially causing serious injury or death.

The radio is equipped with a Radio Data System (RDS), which enables the media system to receive extra information with normal FM radio signals.


Not all FM radio stations broadcast RDS information.

To view or alter the RDS settings:

  1. From the AM or FM radio screen, touch the settings icon.¹

  2. From the system settings screen, touch the AM FM RADIO soft key.

  3. RDS: Toggle on or off. Toggle on to activate and view the available options.

The AM/FM settings options are as follows:

  • Traffic Announcements (TA): Provides local travel information.

  • Region Lock: When on, no regional switching occurs. When AF is on, it allows AF switching to other station frequencies with identical content.

    When regionalisation is off and AF is on, it allows AF switching to other station frequencies with similar content.

  • Alternative Frequency (AF): Select to allow the radio to automatically retune to a stronger AF for the current station. A useful option on a journey where the vehicle travels through different transmitter areas.

  • Station List Order: Lists stations by name or frequency.

Settings icon.¹