2020 Defender


The touchscreen can be used to either preset activation times or to operate the system manually.

When the system is operating, the LED in the climate control AUTO or Max A/C button flashes. AUTO indicates that the engine or cabin is being heated. Max A/C indicates the that cabin is being ventilated. The choice of operation is automatically determined by the system, depending on the external temperature.


The system ceases operation if the engine is started.

To access the timed climate screen, select VEHICLE DEPARTURES from the apps screen page. See APPS SCREEN.

  1. Power icon: Touch to switch the timed climate system on or off.

  2. Current time.

  3. Settings icon: Touch to select the settings screen. See SYSTEM SETTINGS.

Event icon.

Touch an event icon to switch on, edit, or delete an event.


An event is shown on the timed climate screen even if it is switched off. Make sure that the event is switched on if an event is required.

Touch the timed climate screen to add or edit an event:

  1. Power icon: Touch to switch the event on or off.

  2. Repeat every: Touch to enable the event to be repeated on other days.

  3. Day: Touch to select the days that require the repeated event.

  4. Hour arrows: Touch to adjust the hour.


    12 or 24 hour clock can be selected via the Time and Date settings. See GENERAL SETTINGS.

  5. Minute arrows: Touch to adjust the minutes.

  6. Delete icon: Touch to delete the event.

  7. OK: Touch to set the event.

  8. Calendar icon: Touch to view the calendar.

  9. Once only: Touch to select a single event.

Manual operation:

The auxiliary heater can be manually operated via the touch screen when the vehicle’s ignition is off.

Manually operate the system as follows:

  1. Heat now: Touch to heat the cabin and engine via the auxiliary heater. Touch again to turn off.

  2. Vent now: Touch the circulate air through the cabin. Touch again to turn off.