2020 Defender



Make sure the relevant safety warnings and cautions have been read and understood before driving the vehicle. See TOUCHSCREEN SAFETY.

Valet mode allows the vehicle to be driven and locked by a parking attendant, without giving access to the loadspace. Valet mode also prevents operation of the touchscreen, to prevent access to phone numbers or navigation addresses. Only essential driver assist features are available, such as cameras and parking aid.

To select valet mode:

  1. Touch VALET MODE in the apps screen. See APPS SCREEN.

  2. Enter the Master PIN or a memorable four digit temporary PIN. When a temporary PIN is used, it has to be entered a second time to confirm the PIN. To cancel the PIN, touch the back icon.¹ If the confirmation PIN is incorrectly entered, a prompt is displayed to re-enter the PIN.


    When set with the master PIN, only the master PIN can unlock valet mode. When set with a temporary PIN, the temporary PIN or the master PIN unlocks valet mode.

  3. The touchscreen displays Valet Mode Enabled, indicating that the PIN has been accepted. The touchscreen and loadspace are now securely locked in valet mode.

Access the master PIN update options via the General settings screen. See GENERAL SETTINGS.

Back icon.¹