2020 Defender



Make sure the relevant safety warnings and cautions have been read and understood before driving the vehicle. See TOUCHSCREEN SAFETY.

The following icon options may be displayed on the driver side bar on the touchscreen:

Home icon: Touch to return to the home screen.


The home icon is replaced with the apps icon on the home screen.

Apps icon: Touch to view the apps screen. See APPS SCREEN.


The apps icon is only available when the home screen is displayed.

Profile icon: Touch to check for any received notifications.

The following icons are default icons which can be customised:

Navigation icon: Touch to view the navigation screen. See USING THE NAVIGATION SYSTEM.

Phone icon: Touch to view the phone screen. See PHONE SYSTEM OVERVIEW.

Media icon: Touch to view the media source select screen. See MEDIA CONTROLS.

To customise the driver side bar icons:

  1. Touch and hold the driver side bar icon to be customised.

  2. An apps icon screen opens.

  3. Touch and hold the desired replacement apps icon.

  4. Drag the replacement apps icon to the driver side bar, and over the existing icon to be customised.

  5. Release the icon to complete customisation.

  6. Touch the screen exit icon┬╣, on completion, to return to the home screen.

Exit icon.┬╣